Bladder cancer and exeRcise trAining during or after intraVesical thErapy

The BRAVE Study is a research study from the Exercise Oncology Research Laboratory (former Behavioral Medicine Laboratory) at the University of Alberta that aims to investigate the viability, efficacy, and safety of aerobic exercise during or after intravesical therapy for bladder cancer


The BRAVE Study will help to understand whether exercise helps patients feel and function better, and possibly even reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and progression.


We will ask some patients to do a supervised exercise program during or after their treatment while other patients will be asked not to exercise for a 3-month period. We will compare the 2 groups on different health-related outcomes.


There is no guarantee that exercise will provide any direct benefits to these patients. Moreover, we do not know what effects, if any, exercise may have on the chances of bladder cancer recurrence or progression. However, based on the results of this study, it is hoped that further research may be conducted to improve long-term, patient care in this setting.


The BRAVE Study was granted approval by the Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta-Cancer Committee (HREBA-CC: #20-0184).


This website provides information for potential and existing BRAVE Study participants. Recruitment will occur at the Northern Alberta Urology Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where potential participants will be approached directly by BRAVE Study staff.


For further information, please contact Fernanda - Study Coordinator at (780) 492-2829 or